Monday, June 02, 2008

Everyday in May

This is the First drawing for June 2. I decided to try to draw everyother day in June so it won't be so furious and I can possibly spend more time on a project and do a couple other types of things.

This is an African violet plant that survived out of four and it bloomed this year. W/C pencils in journal.

This next picture is of a scene from a calender picture from Kauai Island.
Derwent pencils in the journal.

I caught this picture of Casie at the Sink last Christmas and it was mostly in shadows...This is a different approach using watercolours and 140 lb. watercolor paper.

This is a Conche shell done with Watercolor pencil in my journal that I've come to find a real challenge in it's self to paint/draw in.

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MaryO said...

Oh, you're doing better than I am, Linda Kay! I started out doing well in June, but tapered off when life threw me a couple of curves.
Hope to get started again soon!