Friday, February 26, 2016

Catching up 2015/16

Here we are 2016 this was my first in my journal in a long time.  I had surgery on my Rt. shoulder complete replacement and still not able to lift it or use it even with therapy so had a ct scan last week and will have the results on the 29th of Feb... so we will see...

Feb. 2016 I've signed up for a Patreon accn't for myself, and it is geared towards all artists of all genre.  
Kraaft Shaak. com I signed up on it is a great place to find videos and wonderful artist. Can find it on You Tube too!

2015 Summer
I've been making homemade soaps and gave most away at Christmas along with the Apple and Pear Butters that I put up last year.

Last year (fall 2015) I tried incubating eggs and had only two that hatched one died within a couple of hrs. the other one lived it was a bk. barbed and did really well.

I did some scrapbook and cardmaking and Mixed media play last year and will upload some to this blog when I get on my Computer I'm on my Chrome right now and don't have access to my pictures. Hopefully I won't be so long in adding more to the blog again.

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