Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Catching up 2012

Hello been a long time since I've posted anything I suffered with broken and dislocations of the shoulders and it's been a long time trying to heal....the Rt should still isn't...

Well since I posted last we've had a new addition to the family tree... Kari and Tommy have a beautiful baby boy Isaiah Jordan....They were here helping me through the healing time and just left to go back to Casa Grande AZ I'm already missing those sweet children and their parents.
I've been keeping myself as busy as I could with small sewing projects and reading a lot. I've found a couple of groups that I'm learning more on my embroidery machine and techinques...
ITH thats in the hoop projects here is an example of a couple of them...along with some quilt squares that I'm learning to do from Craftsy online class...
Easter Egg Coasters

Spring Pot holder

string bom

(bk lt.)wonkey pound sign, asktrick,  (ft lt.) chunky chevron, and Balkin Puzzel
working on a cloth doll right now also an ITH just need to put some hair on her and she'll be done.

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