Saturday, March 17, 2007

Trust Me Swap

Playing with some polymer clay yesterday and came up with this idea for the inchey swap unicorn horns... I used three colors of clay mixed together champange, white and translucent. Rolled them into balls and then rolled them onto a texturing surface inserted the eyescrews and baked them lightly sanded them with 4 different grits. I used gold rub and buffed on one to see how I liked it.

I'm still learning to use my new camera so bare with me I'll get better...I didn't realize that the date and time wasn't set yet so that is wrong on there...I just took that pic this morning...

Artist Trading Dolls

She's Got Pearls!

Painted with Acrylics
She Got Her Wings!

This is a new group that takes the concept of the Artist Trading Cards, and goes a step further by making a templete and using it to make a paperdoll redition. Then we either trade as individuals or groups...

These are a few of them that I've been experimenting with. Some of them have a Paper Clay, polymer mask or just acrylic painted faces and I've used watercolor on the blond here.

They have silks, fibers, embellishments, special handmade papers, and paints to make them and are created on a cardboard backing signed and dated.

The patterns used by permission are from Sherry Goshon and the one that folds up to card size is byJudy Wellnitz!

I believe that the mold used to make this Silk Pink Flower Girl, is a Maureen Carlson angel face...that I used Watercolors to paint.