Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mothers Day

Here are two of my (April on the left and Casie on the right) daughters and grandson Jonathan.

Happy Mothers Day to one and all!

Post for ED in May 10th and 11th

Well this is Mattie with his other Nana Lillian liking that hat putting it on and off...

He now is 10 mnts. has two bottom teeth and every once in a while you catch him standing alone but hasn't taken that first step yet.

Birthday Cake (done from a Trinket box) and I put itrepeated 4 X on a cardstock and have made Birthday Cards for the Grandaughters B-Day's...18 yr olds

This is a Rose from my Garden Pots I took a pic and then scanned it in and used my photoshop to make it look like a oil painting and it helped me see the different values that was in the Rose ...

Again I made a 4 pieces on cardstock they printed out really well.... to make cards for Mothers Day for all the daughters...

This is the First page (Catching up the ones that I missed... am using the ATC Book Journal pages as one of the days May #2) watercolor painting done with Watercolour pencils & paper for the Every Day in May Challenge. I'll be putting it together like a scrapbook. I've been having a lot of fun with this.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Graduation 2008

2008 May 23rd Step Grandaughters Graduation picture of Tawnee. She'll be Eighteen this June! I used watercolor paper and watercolor pencils, color pencils and pigma pens...

Thursday, May 08, 2008

ED in May 7 and 8

Everyday in May #8 This is a watercolor pencils picture of the AZ Desert Bird of Paradise that is right out my front was really nice to sit out on the porch this morning and do this.

Everyday in May #7

Here is a graphite pencil drawing of Frida Kahlo from an online picture that I'd found. I really want to paint it in watercolor but I think it would look more approriately done in Acrylics.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

EveryDay in May 6

This pic was done freehand with MaimeriBlu watercolours... and it got away from me so I just played around with pen and glitter to define it more, it was done on a ATC size watercolor 140 lb. paper...Not so good but was still fun.
I'll probably mount these pics in a collage type framing...
I've also decided to go ahead and do 1-4 days which will be interesting.

Monday, May 05, 2008

EveryDay in May

Ive joined a group of artist On Every Day Matters (thank you Mary O.!!)...
Here is the first of one of the groups challenges to do something artistic every day....
For now I've added my already done #'s 1 - 4 pieces till this #5 piece of cake offering... Which is also part of the EDM Weekly Challenges. My theme you ask is "Anything Goes" LOL!
First of the Everyday in May done! #5 Piece of Carrot Cake
Every Day in May#4 Grandmas Pepper Shaker This is a ink pen sketch done in my Drawing 1 Class in Sept. of 2005

Every Day in May #3 stacked boxes a 2 point graphite pencil perspective also from my class in 2005
Every Day in May # 2 "Indian with Bowl" Watercolour done in Spring of 2007
Every Day in May #1 offering Inner Circle made of gold paint collage