Monday, April 11, 2011

Winds of Change

Wow we've had wind that's brought in alot of cold air and a dab of rain just enough too settle the dust.

Learned this morning of the passing of my step-grnmother Goldie Gulley last year Never a more wonderful sweet woman that always was very kind and loving to me.
She lived to be 96.
Along with her passing was Step-Aunt Betty also last year.

FYI.. Who was a hairdresser like my mother, myself and Mothers sister Aunt Alma and her daughter Leslee. My sister Jeannie also wanted to be a hair dresser but because of allergies had to withdraw from Beauty School but her daughter my niece Amanda is now a stylist and owner of a Hair Salon in CG AZ. The artistic flair is everywhere in the family gene's....LOL!

Not too much else going on right now just trying to get well after having had a horrible bout with a chest cold.

Oh Just got through reading the 5 books by CL Wilson " The Fading Lands". I loved them and hope that she will continue to write another book about these characters that shes created in the books.