Monday, April 21, 2008

Matchbox swap

Daughter Casie and Grandma Lillian Romero with Grandson Mattie.... :~)

Surprize in the box...

My first matchbox, really, I just had fun playing... I just couldn't get a good enough picture of it. The first one doesn't really look like it should but I really like it too! LOL!!!

Matchbox Swap

This was so much fun and I really enjoyed doing this. You cover a match box with clay and then decorate the inside and outside making sure that it will fit (sanding) and then a little more...LOL!


back row Mom, Cindy, Me (Linda Kay) Grandma Roxie
front row Billie Renee, and Jeannie 1966
Grandma Roxie Starns, Cathy (Momma), (Me) Linda Kay, (Sisters) Jeannie, Billie, and Cindy

Francis Jeanette (Vales) Chenowith My 47 year old sister passed away March 28, 2008...They had a memorial for her in MI.. and last weekend we had one in AZ. Her life was fraught with pain and anguish...She gave us her love and smiles and 3 Children and another's son who she raised from a baby. She was so very loved and will be missed.

This is to my sister Jeannie
Although we maybe parted now,
Your still in my heart.
You fought so valiantly the demons of the past
That thrust it's way into your life.
You can now be at peace, in
Gods loving embrace.
I'll miss your sweet smile and loving spirit.
Your Sister,
Linda Kay

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

2 Birthday cards!!

Here is the cards I was working on and I used the CardMaker magazine to make them from!

I know that I have too much in the cards background I'm going to have to study really hard on how to take better pictures. I had fun making these too. I hope they liked them as I'll probably never hear if they did...they're to my stepdaughter and step daughter-in-law.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Playing time

Iris Folding Duck that I printed out was spied by the 3 yr.old Jonathan and wanted me to make one well I've been printing these out for at least a year now and never made one so now I have and they're lots of fun to do...

The Heart is for a swap online for Tami and I had a lot of fun doing it. I've used Polymer clay glitter,beads, mica/pearlex powders, and paints.

Today I'm making Birthday Cards ... Hoping to get started on the Charmed One doll that is about ready to be put together...