Saturday, May 19, 2007

It's been awhile since I posted. I've been babysitting Jonathan for my daughter who is working now and he is in his terrible twos and boy is he. I'd forgotton how much energy they have and how little I do LOL!!

I've also been trying to grow some flowers and vegetables: tomatoes reg. and cherry, peppers, okra, squashes, and even planted some vines Kiwi, raspberry and blackberry. I had some hybrid lilys coming up really nice but the squirrels or rabbits or both decided they were for begonias are not coming up yet but the glads are starting to show them selves...

We have a small stream that goes in front of the house and I planted some squash along the bank and they are coming up but they may be getting too much water they're looking a little on the yellow side...I've never had a very good green thumb...but I always keep trying.