Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Holly Hocks & Dolphins

This picture of the school of bottle nose dolphins was from the Mutual of Omaha 2003 calender.
Done in the Inktense watercolor pencils and WC paper.

Well... I tried to do some holly hocks and I'll be doing this again from the picture that I took of them! I know that The scan didn't do a good job. Derwent watercolor pencils and WC paper
I gave Lillian this picture of them they were from her front yard.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fathers Day and Anniversary Card and Gift

Here they are!

Sunday kickin'

Yesterday was our 17th wedding anniversary we went to dinner at a local mexican restraunt very good food, and then watched two DVD's Rush Hour 3 and Ace of Hearts. Both were fun to watch. I made Davids' card (my own design) and he gave me a beautiful Hallmark card.. and also a beautiful Rooster Cookie canister (that matches other things that he's bought me for the kitchen decorations.)...

I also made his Fathers Day Card which I used a Design by Tami Mayberry from the CardMaker newsletter...that I subscribe to.

This is a recent picture of Casie and the boys... Jonathan 3 1/2 and Matthew 11 1/2 months

Monday, June 09, 2008

Nature Trail at Roper Lake St. Park

This is the beggining of the Nature trail across from the Hot tub! It's already in the triple digit heat here in Southeastern Az. and the man made lake is a big draw...

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Cup of Coffee

Roper Lake fun with the boys and Casie and drawing this pic.

I was sitting and drinking from this cup that was Momma's.... Mom always had a cup of coffee and a ciggerette. June 3 2008

Another Water Color done at Roper Lake yesterday June 4

Left before it was completed when the wind came up really threw up my container (plastic) cola into my face and all over me...but the hot tub was wonderful to soak in ....

Monday, June 02, 2008

Everyday in May

This is the First drawing for June 2. I decided to try to draw everyother day in June so it won't be so furious and I can possibly spend more time on a project and do a couple other types of things.

This is an African violet plant that survived out of four and it bloomed this year. W/C pencils in journal.

This next picture is of a scene from a calender picture from Kauai Island.
Derwent pencils in the journal.

I caught this picture of Casie at the Sink last Christmas and it was mostly in shadows...This is a different approach using watercolours and 140 lb. watercolor paper.

This is a Conche shell done with Watercolor pencil in my journal that I've come to find a real challenge in it's self to paint/draw in.