Friday, January 18, 2008


The Quail and Dove and other birds have been joined again by the arrival of the Cardinals... They are so pretty. They come and stay every year at this time and the hummingbirds will start coming round too! All year round the roadrunners come round.

Last year I planted raspberry, blackberry and Kwiw vines but the squirrels and goffers and rabbits got them before they could get established...I'm going to try planting in containers this year and see what happens...

Of course the resident squirrel who comes up on the patio/porch will try his best to get at them I'm sure...

The roadrunner picture is off the net and the other one is of the entance to the property and the and tree is a mesquite but there are quail galoure that live in a around this area and in the spring the little ones follow the mama across the road to the other side, it is so cute..

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